Create and Deploy a UWP app to the Xbox One

This is the Second of a two part Series on Installing the XBox One Developer Mode App on your XBox One Console, and deploying your first App to it. In this post I'll go through the steps required to Create and Deploy your First UWP app to your newly configured XBox one Note: You'll need to have [...]

A Dot Net IoT Core Implementation of the 4tronix Pi2Go Robot – Part 1 – The Hardware

I recently gave a talk at my local .Net user group, Dot Net Notts, on Dot Net IoT Core. I ended my talk by demonstrating the 4tronix Pi2Go Robot, which I had modified for Dot Net IoT Core. I’ll go over the basics of Dot Net IoT Core, and explain what I needed to do [...]

Binding the WPF WebBrowser Source Property

In an MVVM application I am currently creating, I had the need to embed the WPF WebBrowser control and quickly discovered that the Source Property is not a dependancy object, and so cannot be bound. I quickly search around on and found a neat solution in c#; The VB Version of which is; [...]

WPF – Programmatically Adding Buttons the MVVM Way

I recently came across a requirement to Programmatically Add Buttons to a WPF View in my MVVM based app. Obviously this is not entirely trivial as each Button must contain the correct Bindings to interact with the underlying ViewModel. The way I tackled this was to use an ItemsControl, with a Canvas Control in the [...]

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