A Dot Net IoT Core Implementation of the 4tronix Pi2Go Robot – Part 1 – The Hardware

I recently gave a talk at my local .Net user group, Dot Net Notts, on Dot Net IoT Core. I ended my talk by demonstrating the 4tronix Pi2Go Robot, which I had modified for Dot Net IoT Core. I’ll go over the basics of Dot Net IoT Core, and explain what I needed to do [...]

Quick Tips – Reset MySQL Root Password and Reconfigure phpMyAdmin

I managed to either forget or not configure the root password for the MySQL instance on my Raspberry Pi... While searching around I found some step by step instructions on Ask Ubuntu (A Stack Exchange site), by a user named Amigo Chan... They worked a treat; Ctrl + Alt + T to launch terminal sudo [...]

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WPF PasswordBox control click crashes Application if Fonts aren’t available

I recently had an issue where a kiosk application I was developing would crash on a Windows Embedded 7 system, if the user clicked on a PasswordBox control. Annoyingly, I couldn’t replicate this in my test environment. The Application would crash, and frustratingly, not actually hit any of my Error Handlers. However, the Windows Application [...]

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Entity Framework Code First Seeding with Related Data

A quick tip I stumbled upon while working on an MVC application using Entity Framework Code First. In order to Seed Related Data when using Entity Framework Code First, it’s important to give items temporary ID’s before calling the seed method. Otherwise, when the database is seeded you will end up with Conflicted Inserts

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Unable to open Database .SQL Files in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 and onwards

This morning I attempted to open a .SQL file in my Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 installation, and was faced with the following Message Box; Clicking the “Learn more…” link took me to a “Page Not Found” page, which wasn’t very handy. A quick search on StackOverflow and I found; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15798422/what-about-sql-server-data-tools-for-vs2012-being-incompatible-with-sql-server-2 With a helpful answer [...]