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Welcome to the PJG Creations Video Training Page.

One of the programming languages that PJG Creations use on a regular basis is VB.Net – A less common sister language of C#, but a major part of the Microsoft .Net stack.

Pete Gallagher began programming in BASIC during his childhood, then Visual Basic during the VB6 days, and migrated to VB.net when .Net Framework 1 was released in 2002.

You’ll find below a small selection of training videos giving you a brief introduction to VB.net, which I hope you’ll find useful.

Hello World

In this video, we introduce the very basics of VB.net, including Visual Studio, Windows Presentation Foundation and Simple Text Display, Form Layout, Buttons and Event Handlers.

Basic User Input

In the second video in the series, we introduce Basic User Input to our application. We’ll cover topics such as Buttons, Text Boxes, Message Boxes, Click Event Handlers, Retrieval of properties from Text Boxes and Concatenation.

Basic Logic

In the third video in our series, we take a look at the basics of Logic and how it works in VB.net. We’ll cover topics including; If – Else – Endif, Strings and Comparison Operators.

ElseIf and Select Case

In the fourth video in our series on VB.net we continue our exploration of Basic Logic. We’ll cover topics including; If – ElseIf – Endif, ComboBoxes, Property Retrieval and Select Case.

Error Handling and Try Catch

In the fifth video in our series on Getting Started with VB.net. In this video we introduce how to handle errors in our applications. We’ll cover topics such as; Integers, User Interaction, Simple Debugging, Conversion between types, Error Conditions and Error Handling with the Try – Catch – End Try block.