Installing the XBox One Developer Mode App

This is the first of a two part Series on Installing the XBox One Developer Mode App on your XBox One Console, and deploying your first App to it... Part 2 - is available! Create and Deploy a UWP app to the Xbox One During the opening keynote at //Build 2016, Microsoft announced how to convert [...]

Microsoft //Build 2016 IoT and Big Data Track

It's that time of year again, and in less than an hour... Microsoft will host their annual Developers Conference; //Build. For the IoT and Big Data enthusiasts out there (and I know I'm one of them), there's a great selection of content to follow along with.... Below is a list of the sessions and their links; All [...]

Viewing the .net Debug Log using DbgView

Every day is a learning day, and today I needed some way for my client to view the debug log for the Debug Version of an Application I created to test a piece of hardware which was acting up. After a little searching around I came across the Microsoft Sysinternals DebugView application; Microsoft describe [...]

Entity Framework Code First Seeding with Related Data

A quick tip I stumbled upon while working on an MVC application using Entity Framework Code First. In order to Seed Related Data when using Entity Framework Code First, it’s important to give items temporary ID’s before calling the seed method. Otherwise, when the database is seeded you will end up with Conflicted Inserts

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