To comment or not to comment… That is the (eternal) question….

This seems to be a contentious subject, at least with the few people I've spoken to... and I seem to be on the "losing side" as it were... I can certainly see both sides of argument, however, for me at least, I comment the hell out of my code! The reason I do this is [...]

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A Dot Net IoT Core Implementation of the 4tronix Pi2Go Robot – Part 1 – The Hardware

I recently gave a talk at my local .Net user group, Dot Net Notts, on Dot Net IoT Core. I ended my talk by demonstrating the 4tronix Pi2Go Robot, which I had modified for Dot Net IoT Core. I’ll go over the basics of Dot Net IoT Core, and explain what I needed to do [...]

Skype Login Screen not Rendering Properly

Recently I had an issue where my Skype login screen wasn’t rendering properly, showing something like; After doing some searching around I found the following Skype forum which had a solution; Turns out that this is caused by a registry key setting css to text/plain rather than text/css. Simply setting “HKEY_LOCAL_Machine > Software > [...]

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