Binding the WPF WebBrowser Source Property

In an MVVM application I am currently creating, I had the need to embed the WPF WebBrowser control and quickly discovered that the Source Property is not a dependancy object, and so cannot be bound. I quickly search around on and found a neat solution in c#; The VB Version of which is; [...]

WPF – Programmatically Adding Buttons the MVVM Way

I recently came across a requirement to Programmatically Add Buttons to a WPF View in my MVVM based app. Obviously this is not entirely trivial as each Button must contain the correct Bindings to interact with the underlying ViewModel. The way I tackled this was to use an ItemsControl, with a Canvas Control in the [...]

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WPF MVVM ComboBox Binding to XML Data.

Once again, while browsing, I came across a question from a user who needed to fix their ComboBox Binding. The user in question was Binding XML data in Key/Value pairs to the combo box, displaying the Key and wanted to retrieve the Value. This was achieved using the following example;My XML Test Data was [...]

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