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About PJG Creations

PJG Creations is a software development company specialising in bespoke software, web design and database solutions to suit your business requirements.

With over 20 years of programming experience, PJG Creations prides itself on it’s unique approach to system analysis and design.


By visiting your site and seeing your processes in action, we can better understand your company.

By spending time with your company we can better understand the processes in use, and ways we can help design smart applications to improve your productivity.

By analysing your processes and examining the data you currently rely upon, we can determine the best methodologies required from your software to better fit with the companies current working practises.

Once we’ve collated all of the information required, we can spec out how we feel we can help, what we understand your business requires, and provide you with a bespoke application to suit your exact needs.

Our Staff

Peter Gallagher


Pete Gallagher has over 15 years experience in IT and Software development. With experience in Visual Basic, ASP.net, Entity Framework, SQL Server, SSRS, PHP, Javascript, Assembly Language, HTML, XAML and a host of other technologies, Pete considers himself a true polyglot programmer.

Amy Gallagher


Market research analyst, Professional Web Designer and Artist. Amy Gallagher has a well rounded set of skills and experience, to aid in the creation of top quality solutions for any client.

What others have said about us

PJG Creations developed a bespoke Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) system for Marketing Innovation. This replaced our Paper based system and gave us far better control over our entire process, as well as providing us with a rounder offering to our clients

Marketing Innovation Director Loughborough August 20, 2016