WPF PasswordBox control click crashes Application if Fonts aren’t available

I recently had an issue where a kiosk application I was developing would crash on a Windows Embedded 7 system, if the user clicked on a PasswordBox control. Annoyingly, I couldn’t replicate this in my test environment. The Application would crash, and frustratingly, not actually hit any of my Error Handlers. However, the Windows Application [...]

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Adding EF POCO Classes to TFS Source Control

I have various projects which included Entity Framework POCO (Plain Old CLR Object) Classes. By default, these are not automatically included in TFS Source Control. To add these classes in VS2012; Open the Team Explorer Window using View>Team Explorer You will see a list of shortcuts... My Work, Pending Changes and so on; Under "Pending [...]

Visual Studio – Solutions not configured for Integrated Source Control

I recently ran into an issue where, when I opened up one of my Solutions which were under TFS Source Control, I was presented with a message box which showed; The solution you have opened is under source control but not currently configured for integrated source control in Visual Studio. Would you like to bind [...]

Adding EF5 POCO’s to TFS Source Control

While attempting to build my TFS based solution, the build failed reporting that it couldn’t find my EF5 POCO Classes. After some digging around it seems that these files aren’t automatically included under TFS Source Control. In order to enable this (For VS 21012), we must perform the following actions; 1. Open the Team Explorer [...]