WPF PasswordBox control click crashes Application if Fonts aren’t available

I recently had an issue where a kiosk application I was developing would crash on a Windows Embedded 7 system, if the user clicked on a PasswordBox control. Annoyingly, I couldn’t replicate this in my test environment. The Application would crash, and frustratingly, not actually hit any of my Error Handlers. However, the Windows Application [...]

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Free FAT Calculator Online

In a couple of previous Blog’s I’ve described the FAT16 and FAT32 File Systems, and how to calculate the various elements. I’ve created a small Windows application to help you with finding the various elements. Feel free to download it here… https://pjgcreations.co.uk/FAT_Calculator_v1.zip It will calculate all the elements I’ve discussed in my previous blogs, as [...]

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Moving from FAT16 (SD) to FAT32 (SDHC) – Part 2 – Addressing Differences

In a previous blog I discussed moving from a FAT16 based SD card to a FAT32 based SDHC card. In that blog I went through the differences in Initialisation procedures between the different SD Specification. In this blog I’ll detail the differences in Addressing schemes between the devices and the two File Systems. FAT32 Addressing [...]

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Moving from FAT16 (SD) to FAT32 (SDHC) – Part 1 – Initialisation

Technology moves fast, only 18 months ago, the 1GB SD card was very easy and affordable to purchase. Today, they’re like hen’s teeth, where the 2GB SD card has taken over this position in the market, of course a doubling of which “Mr Moore” would be happy with. Thus, It’s only natural to project that, [...]

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