In a couple of previous Blog’s I’ve described the FAT16 and FAT32 File Systems, and how to calculate the various elements.

I’ve created a small Windows application to help you with finding the various elements.

Feel free to download it here…

It will calculate all the elements I’ve discussed in my previous blogs, as well as, when you hover your cursor over the result boxes, show you the formulas in use.

It also allows entry in either Decimal or Hex, as well as calculating both FAT16 and FAT32 addresses.

The download is simply a zipped executable. You will require the latest Dot Net Framework 4 in order to run the program.

As a note, all Hex values should be entered as 0x followed by the Hex value. Also, you are unable to mix Hex and Decimal values, please enter either one or the other.

I hope it proves useful, and keep your eyes open for an online version of the same program coming soon!

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