MVVM WPF Validating multiple items together

In an application I am developing, I required that two checkboxes be validated together, when either one of them were clicked. I also needed to only show the Validation error once in my Error Message Box. To achieve this we first call the OnPropertyChanged routine, which in turn raises the PropertyChanged event, for each linked [...]

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Instantiating a Generic Type of T

I found a requirement recently where I needed to Instantiate a new instance of a Generic Type. Ordinarily we would declare a new instance of a class using a Generic Type using something like; Public Class ViewModel_Class(Of T) However, If we then try to create a new Object of Type T by performing the following… [...]

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Adding EF5 POCO’s to TFS Source Control

While attempting to build my TFS based solution, the build failed reporting that it couldn’t find my EF5 POCO Classes. After some digging around it seems that these files aren’t automatically included under TFS Source Control. In order to enable this (For VS 21012), we must perform the following actions; 1. Open the Team Explorer [...]

WPF – Restricting Text Entry to Numeric Characters, the MVVM Way

I needed to Limit several TextBoxes in my WPF MVVM application to only allow Numeric Characters. I stumbled upon a very useful post by Jermey Likeness which described a method using Attached Behaviours, which worked well for me; I modified this code slightly to allow for Decimal point control also. The Code is [...]

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