Azure IoT Hubs with Raspberry Pi and Node.js – Circuit

Azure IoT Hubs with Raspberry Pi and Node.js - Circuit This post will walk you through building the circuit necessary to follow along with the Azure IoT Hubs with Raspberry Pi and Node.js talk. You can find more information on the talk itself right here: Azure IoT Hubs with Raspberry Pi and Node.js The completed [...]

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Using the Raspberry Pi with Azure IoT Hubs and Node.js – Initial Setup

What's this blog post all about? As part of my workshop on using the Raspberry Pi with Azure IoT Hubs using Node.js, we'll spend some time getting your Raspberry Pi setup ready for the Workshop. There are several steps involved in this process and the whole process can take roughly an hour and a [...]

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Knockout (or any javascript) Intellisense not working if move script file locations

I found while playing around with Knockout.js, that my Visual Studio Intellisense wasn’t working. This turned out to be because I had formatted my Scripts folder, and moved standard Javascript libraries into another folder. This meant that Visual Studio couldn’t find my _references.js file. At first I added the following to the @Scripts Section in [...]

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SSRS 2008 R2 Reports are blank in Chrome

I stumbled across this apparently well documented problem today, where my SSRS 2008R2 Report was showing up fine in IE, but blank in Chrome; It seems as though the main Div Tag uses IE compatible only Overflow styles, which Chrome doesn’t interpret well. I found a nice blog post here which explained how to [...]

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Forcing html Input element to Numeric Only Input

While developing a shopping cart function for a client, I needed to restrict the user to entering numbers only in an Input fieldI came across this handy post;, we need to add the following function to the JavaScript section; function isNumericKey(evt){ var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : event.keyCode if (charCode > 31 && (charCode [...]

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