WordPress – Target CSS at IE 8 and before

I frequently encounter clients who are using a wide variety of Web Browsers... This is troublesom, as older browsers obviously don't support the nice new shiny CSS3 features such as @media Queries. So, I often need a way to tack on custom CSS styling specifically for older browsers such as IE8. The WordPress Codex suggests one [...]

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WordPress & Gravity Forms: Registration Validation and Redirection – Pt 1

Introducing WordPress... I've been working more and more, over the last 6 months or so, with WordPress for one of my larger clients. As I'm sure you're aware, WordPress is a blogging platform come entire website framework, which is it seems more and more companies are turning to in order to create the basis of their [...]

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WordPress Contact-Form-7 Not Sending–”Spinning Arrows”

I recently had an issue with a new Wordpress install, where the Contact Form wasn't sending correctly, instead hitting the Submit button would simply show the Spinning arrows animation, with no Mail Sent. I was also using the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin, which may have had a bearing on the issue too. After doing some digging around [...]

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