Nigel Frank’s Azure industry whitepaper

I was recently asked to contribute to Nigel Frank’s Azure industry whitepaper, alongside a number of other influential Microsoft professionals. This whitepaper provides important advice to those businesses and individuals struggling with the COVID-19 crisis. It covers five particular challenges they may be facing at this moment; cost saving, data security, remote working, growing at [...]

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IoT with nothing but your Laptop links…

Workshop Handouts Microsoft Make Code (Micro:bit): TinkerCAD Circuits (Arduino Uno): Arduino IDE Sense Hat Emulator (Raspberry Pi): Microsoft IoT DevKit Simulator (MXChip): Microsoft Azure Simulator (Raspberry Pi):

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Graphics in Assembler for the SAM Coupé

Introduction The Next Step Continuing my series on Assembler for the SAM Coupé, where in the first post we introduced the various principles required to get started with Assembly Language Programming. We'll now be looking at Graphics and Sprites and how to start showing Graphics on the screen. If you haven't caught up on [...]

Visual Studio 2017 RC New and Improved Features

Last week at Connect(); // 2016, Microsoft let loose the Release Candidate of the 15th version of their newest premier IDE; Visual Studio 2017 (VS2017). As with every new release, Microsoft has crammed in a host of new features, which they hope will make us developers lives better and get us churning out software at [...]

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