I recently installed SQl Server 2008 R2 with Advanced Services on a Windows 8 Box. However, when I tried to log into the ReportManager of SSRS, I found that it wouldn’t accept my Username and Password Combo.

After some searching, I found this poston Stack Overflow, which explained it nicely;


Turns out, that as standard, the Administrator account isn’t active in Windows 8, and needs to be turned on. More annoyingly, this means that SSRS needs to be uninstalled, and reinstalled using the hidden Administrator account.

The steps I took to finally resolve were;

  1. Uninstall SSRS Node COMPLETELY by going to control panel>SQL Server 2008>Remove>Check Reporting Services
  2. Enable default admin account: command prompt>run as administrator>net user administrator, hit enter.
  3. New line: net user administrator /active:yes
  4. Reboot
  5. Logging in as default administrator
  6. Setup a Password of your Choice
  7. Reinstall the SSRS Node
  8. Install SP3 as administrator
  9. Go to IE.exe DIRECTLY in Windows 8: C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe>Run as administrator.
  10. Go to http:// (servername)/Reports
  11. You SHOULD now be able to finally see site settings. NOW YOU CAN FOLLOW everyone’s directions of adding YOUR USER under site settings. Also go to folder permissions and add the user as a default here as well.
  12. (optional) For safety I would hide the default admin account now by using step 2 but substitute /active:no in.
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