Today I came up against a problem where an application I was working on required IE10 to be installed. This all well and good, however this pc didn’t have access to an internet connection.

As such, I needed to download the IE10 install package, and copy it across to the machine.

However, when I came to install IE10, it simply told me that it needed to download “An Update” before it could be installed.

After a little searching around I found the following forum which lists the updates IE10 requires prior to being installed;

Basically, you need to download the following files, some of which require you to validate your copy of windows;

  1. KB2729094 – (Requires Validation)
  2. KB2731771 – (Requires Validation)
  3. KB2533623 – (Requires Validation)
  4. KB2670838 –
  5. KB2786081 – (Requires Validation)

Download and install all of the above, there’s no need to restart between each update, but you must restart afterwards.

Once you’ve completed that, download the IE10 install package from;

Your install should then work smoothly!

Note: there are two different versions for x86 and x64 platforms.

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