While working on a problem recently, I needed to enable the MS SQL extensions in WAMP. It turned out to be more complicated than simply hitting the checkbox in the Extensions menu…

I found this great post which explained the process.. http://forum.ragezone.com/f724/get-wamp-work-mssql-673301/

The basic Idea is;

  1. Download ntwdblib.dll: HERE
  2. Click on the WAMP icon -> PHP -> PHP Extensions then check “php_mssql” and “php_pdo_mssql”. (Wamp will restart and give you few errors, ignore them)
  3. Restart WAMP one more time to ensure settings are saved.
  4. Finally, place ntwdblib file in the two following directories:
    wampbinphpphp5.3.1 (Or the directory relating to whichever version of PHP you are currently using)
    wampbinapacheapache2.2.11bin (Or the directory relating to whichever version of Apache you are currently using)
  5. Restart wampserver, and you’re finished!

Hopefully this helps somebody else too!

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