Using the Raspberry Pi with Azure IoT Hubs and Node.js – Initial Setup

What's this blog post all about? As part of my Notts Dev Workshop on using the Raspberry Pi with Azure IoT Hubs using Node.js, we'll spend some time getting your Raspberry Pi setup ready for the Workshop. There are several steps involved in this process and the whole process can take roughly an hour [...]

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Graphics in Assembler for the SAM Coupé

Introduction The Next Step Continuing my series on Assembler for the SAM Coupé, where in the first post we introduced the various principles required to get started with Assembly Language Programming. We'll now be looking at Graphics and Sprites and how to start showing Graphics on the screen. If you haven't caught up on [...]

SAM Coupé Assembly Language Programming

Introduction What we're doing So you're interested in Assembly Language Programming, and you want to know how to get started down this path on the SAM Coupé? You're in the right place! I'll be taking you through, step by step, in how to get the right tools, get your development tools setup, create some [...]

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To comment or not to comment… That is the (eternal) question….

This seems to be a contentious subject, at least with the few people I've spoken to... and I seem to be on the "losing side" as it were... I can certainly see both sides of argument, however, for me at least, I comment the hell out of my code! The reason I do this is [...]

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Visual Studio 2017 RC New and Improved Features

Last week at Connect(); // 2016, Microsoft let loose the Release Candidate of the 15th version of their newest premier IDE; Visual Studio 2017 (VS2017). As with every new release, Microsoft has crammed in a host of new features, which they hope will make us developers lives better and get us churning out software at [...]

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