Possible Fix for Upgrading Windows 10 build 10122 to 10130

If you’re having issues trying to upgrade your Windows 10 from Build 10122 to 10130 try the following steps prior to upgrading; First Check your System Health, by running the following three commands from an elevated Command Prompt; dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth   Then try cleaning out [...]

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Freeing up Reserved / Allocated Serial ports

In my line of work, I spend a lot of time interfacing to devices using a Serial (RS232) connection. This often necessitates the use of USB to Serial port converters. A frustrating issue I often come up against is that, each time a new one of these converters is attached, or indeed an existing to [...]

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svchost.exe consumes 100% CPU on Windows XP, caused by Windows Updates

I reinstalled Windows XP on a clients PC recently, and came up against an issue where I couldn’t update Windows using Windows Update. I then noticed that the PC had slowed down to a crawl. Opening up Task Manager, Processes and Sorting by CPU, I found that svchost.exe was consuming 100% CPU. I tried killing [...]

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Installing IE10 offline

Today I came up against a problem where an application I was working on required IE10 to be installed. This all well and good, however this pc didn’t have access to an internet connection.As such, I needed to download the IE10 install package, and copy it across to the machine.However, when I came to install [...]

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