Visual Studio – Solutions not configured for Integrated Source Control

I recently ran into an issue where, when I opened up one of my Solutions which were under TFS Source Control, I was presented with a message box which showed; The solution you have opened is under source control but not currently configured for integrated source control in Visual Studio. Would you like to bind [...]

Binding the WPF WebBrowser Source Property

In an MVVM application I am currently creating, I had the need to embed the WPF WebBrowser control and quickly discovered that the Source Property is not a dependancy object, and so cannot be bound. I quickly search around on and found a neat solution in c#; The VB Version of which is; [...]

Unable to open Database .SQL Files in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 and onwards

This morning I attempted to open a .SQL file in my Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 installation, and was faced with the following Message Box; Clicking the “Learn more…” link took me to a “Page Not Found” page, which wasn’t very handy. A quick search on StackOverflow and I found; With a helpful answer [...]

Adding EF5 POCO’s to TFS Source Control

While attempting to build my TFS based solution, the build failed reporting that it couldn’t find my EF5 POCO Classes. After some digging around it seems that these files aren’t automatically included under TFS Source Control. In order to enable this (For VS 21012), we must perform the following actions; 1. Open the Team Explorer [...]

Setting Control Focus… The MVVM Way…

I needed to be able to set the Focus of a control, using MVVM. This means of course, that we can’t interact directly with the View, but instead must rely on Binding. I found a very helpful post by Khalid Rafique which allows exactly this; By making use of attached Interactivity Behaviours, we can [...]

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