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Welcome to PJG Creations Ltd

IT Solutions

Bespoke software

Website design

IT Support

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Customised desktop software

Conversion of legacy software systems
Modernisation of outdated paper-based sytems
Database driven applications
Modern Reporting
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Website Design

Website Design & Creation
Company Websites
Bespoke Web Applications
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IT Support

Hardware Maintenance
Software Installation
System Design
Network Installation

Why Choose PJG Creations?

PJG Creations pride themselves on offering a truly bespoke service. Below are just some of our services

Bespoke Desktop and Web Applications

Creation of bespoke applications, designed to match your exact requirements.

System Design

Whether you have an existing Paper based system, or Legacy Software we can create a new Process Driven Application to suit you needs.

Website Design and Maintenance

Creation of new websites, or updating of existing designs.

IT Support

PJG Creations can assist you with, or manage your IT infrastructure.

Best Practises

PJG Creations adheres strongly to industry best practises. Including; Unit Testing, Approved Design Patterns, Data Protection, Programming Practices

Many Years of Experience

With over 15 years of commercial experience, PJG Creations is able to assist you in many ways.

Recent Projects

Below is a small selection of projects we've worked on recently.

Meet Our Team

  • Order Pad Replacement
    PJG Creations created an Order System to replace our Paper based "Order Pad". They visited our shop and spent time learning how we worked, and created a system for us which matched our needs exactly.
    Order Pad Replacement, Manager
  • CATI System Development
    PJG Creations developed a bespoke Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) system for Marketing Innovation. This replaced our Paper based system and gave us far better control over our entire process, as well as providing us with a rounder offering to our clients.
    CATI System Development, Managing Director